7 Common Myths About Oral Health

Do you rely on internet sources? However, are you aware that there are a number of falsehoods on the internet that are typically believed without question?

To keep your mouth healthy, it is critical to stay away from these internet myths and maintain good oral hygiene practices. Let’s discuss seven common myths about oral health that are usually seen in online sources:

  1. Bleeding gums are normal 

It is not normal to have bleeding gums. Inflammation or infection are the reasons behind gum bleeding when brushing or flossing due to exessive plaque, gingivitis, or other mouth infections.

  1. Brushing harder cleans better

Burshing harder does not clean better; rather, it will damage the enamel layer and your gum tissues. In addition to compromising your oral health, brushing too vigorously can cause numerous gum diseases. The doctors advise using soft or gentle brushes and brushing for about two minutes softly.

  1. Sugar causes cavities

Although sugar is a contributing factor, it is not the only cause of cavities. Bacteria that eat sugar may be the cause because sticky food attracts these microbes and releases acid, which feeds the bacteria. Rinse your mouth well after a meal to stop this bacteria from producing acid.   

  1. White teeths are healthy

It is not always agreed upon that white teeth are healthier. Teeth may turn white if damage or discoloration is causing them to lose color. 

  1. Chewing gums works like brushing

Teeth brushing and chewing are not the same thing; you cannot always rely on them. It works in some cases because some chewing gum can help with fresh breath and teeth whiting. 

  1. Kids don’t need to brush their teeth

Children should begin brushing twice as soon as they have teeth because neglecting oral health at a young age can result in issues that last a lifetime.

  1. Charcoal toothpaste is better choice

Although there is some protection offered by charcoal toothpaste, it is regarded as a myth due to a lack of scientific evidence, fluoride levels, and other safety issues.


Finally, you should not put off dealing with any kind of oral health problem, no matter how minor or large. It is advisable to seek advice from dentists instead of blindly believing oral health recommendations found online.

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