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About Dr. Kevin Molldrem

Passionate Dental Care Provider

Best Dentist at Molldrem Family Dentistry

Dr. Kevin Molldrem is a leading dentist based in Eden Prairie, MN, offers comprehensive dental services. Renowned for exceptional expertise, I ensure top-notch dental care for all.​

Who I Am

Dr. Molldrem have been a cornerstone of dental excellence in Eden Prairie, MN. Molldrem Family Dentistry, my vision turned reality, continues to thrive after 20 years of unsurpassed service..

My Philosophy

I believe in the importance of empathy and compassion, understand that visiting the dentist can be nerve-wracking for some patients, and try to create a welcoming environment where they feel comfortable and cared for..

How I Work

My approach to dentistry is centered on you, combining expertise with personalized care that prioritizes your comfort, addresses your concerns, and empowers you to achieve and maintain a healthy, beautiful smile for life.

Why Molldrem Family Dentists?

We are motivated by the satisfaction of our clients. Put your trust in us and share in our growth Asset Management is made up Dr. Molldrem has been my dentist for years, and I wouldn't go anywhere else. From routine cleanings to more extensive procedures, he's always been professional, friendly, and skilled. He takes the time to listen to any concerns I have and addresses them with care. Every visit leaves me feeling confident in my dental health. Dr. Molldrem is definitely my go-to dentist, and I recommend him to all my friends and family without hesitation!

Dr. Kevin D. Molldrem, DDS